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2023 Health Savings and Flexible Spending Account Updates

Health savings accounts (HSAs) are like personal savings accounts, but the money in them is used to pay for health care expenses. You not your employer or insurance company own and control the money in your HSA. One benefit of an HSA is that the money you deposit into the account is not taxed.


The Internal Revenue Service announced the 2023 HSA program limits.

The contribution limits to an HSA have been indexed to increase by $200 for an individual and $450 for a family. The “catch-up” provision remains unchanged allowing individuals to contribute an additional $1,000 starting the year the plan insured turns 55. Please see below for a table version of the 2023 HSA contribution schedule.


HSA/FSA Eligibility Updates: As a reminder, the CARES act expanded the list of products that are eligible for reimbursement for both Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). Some items now considered eligible for reimbursement include the following:

  • Over-the-counter Medicines for treatment of allergy symptoms, flu and cold, asthma

  • Pain relievers and anti-inflammatories

  • Denture products

  • Nicotine cessation products (patches, gum, lozenges)

  • Orthopedic wraps

  • Feminine care products

  • Certain skin ointments


Did you know?

Amazon has created a very user friendly section where they have grouped all the HSA/FSA eligible products

together. If your debit card is declined due to the systems not recognizing the reimbursement yet, you will need keep your receipts to file manually for reimbursement.

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