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Top 3 Trends for Reassessing Employee Benefits

As employee needs evolve, employers need to have a thoughtful and long-term strategy to meet the individual needs of each employee.


Education and engagement. A benefit package on average makes up almost 30% of employees’ total compensation according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. It’s definitely an investment. Educating and engaging employees about their group health plan can help them be aware of all the perks available to them and feel they have a say in their benefits.


Focus on preventive care. An emphasis on physical and mental health preventive care is a major trend in employee benefits. Identifying health risks and providing easily accessible care helps reduce the chance of developing more serious conditions in the future.


Transparency. Finding cost-effective care is a major priority for both plan members and employers. Plans with built-in cost-comparison tools provide better transparency with costs of health services and help members make better choices about where to go for care.


Staying ahead of employee benefit trends and reassessing offerings can help make sure employees have access to the right tools and resources to make the most of the benefit plans.

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